Too many folks these days think the only way they can earn a living is through retail – selling something and earning a commission, or by working for someone else for a regular salary.  It is true that most sources of income mean performing a service or producing a product for a customer or client. However, this does not necessarily mean you must spend your life working in the same field or employer.  In fact, most people change professions or fields at least once or twice in their working years.  Just recently a woman who was a professional news reporter decided to become a policewoman as a result of her crime reporting experience.  Similarly, a member of an accounting firm decided to become a professional furniture maker – making a business out of what had once been just a hobby.

A good friend of mine decided to start a business that specialized in independent finance management.  He’d served as a bookkeeper, working for years keeping records for a business that produced flowers and baked goods ordered as presents and gifts for special occasions.  In a conversation with a friend he heard her complain how she was tired of receiving the same flowers and candy every Valentine’s Day.  Her comment made him think he should get his girlfriend something unique this time.  That is when he used a soma coupon to get his girl a surprise present for her birthday.  She was so pleased with the unique lingerie he’d bought her that he thought he might recommend the idea to others.

The idea wasn’t just a hit, before long he was receiving e-mails from strangers asking where he found those items.  He gave them the website, and recommended they use a Groupon coupon to get the best deals for purchasing the items.  His recommendation had its impact; that year some careful listeners could hear ladies at beauty salons talking about how “romantic” their boyfriends or husbands had suddenly become.  It also affected his own life, that summer his long-time girlfriend decided she wanted to get married.  Figuring he’d support his family better working from home, he decided to start an independent accounts-keeping business serving other firms in his local community, and soon had a flourishing clientele.   His wife soon became his expert on tax matters; today their business is the top small business finance counseling firm in town.