The Sears Holding Corporation was formed in the year 2004 when the management of Kmart Holding Corporation decided to purchase Sears, Roebuck and Co. After the complete merger in 2005, both Kmart and Sears stores were operated under their own brand names.

Things started going downhill since 2011 and there was no stopping it. The company failed to realise the importance of the internet and turned a dead-eye towards it. As a result, sales began to drop drastically and their only option was to get loans. Even after obtaining large sums of money, the stocks or profit never went up. Why? Because of outdated strategies and lethargic attitude towards marketing the brand. The money was exhausted in meaningless extensions and investments when it should have been used for expanding their e-commerce presence.

Another speculation for its injury can be the mountainous load of debt. The money never seemed to be there to carry out even the most basic of services. Improvements made using the loan money did not perform well enough and therefore, the organisation had to get more money. With increasing losses and near to nothing resources, the corporation was bound to hit rock bottom soon. Loyal customers were only able to keep the company functioning till 2015, where it was named the 20th largest retailing company in the country. But, by then the water had risen high above their heads. The company was paralyzed immensely and it is not wrong to say that the sears holding corporation had … Read More